Lamptech, Germany is a renowned manufacturer of UV lamps, hot air & IR drying systems.


UV Lamps

LampTech manufactures a wide range of UV-Lamps for applications such as offset and dry offset printing, silk-screen printing, label printing, Flexo printing, metal printing,furniture & wood coatings, plastic cup printing, glass printing, air & water sterilization, letterpress printing, compact disc printing, UV-glue curing, diazo film and plate. In addition, there are applications for UV in the PCB industry, for water & air disinfection and various adhesive applications. Lamptech lamps are doped with mercury, gallium, indium, iron and other combinations depending on the purpose and usage.

IR Lamps

LampTech manufactures single and twin tube infrared emitters for presses made by Heidelberg, Roland, KBA, Komori, Akyama, Mitsubishi and Sakurai. A Lamptech lamp fits into systems such as Eltosch, Grafix, Piller, Herberts, Jac De Vries and other mainstream systems. Lamptech can supply the full range of Heidelberg replacement lamps, including Piller, Drystar range as well as our innovative fast middle wave emitters.

UV Reflectors
  • IST 48mm large
  • IST 40mm large
  • GEW 39mm large
  • GEW quartz filter
  • VTI / UV Ray / Kamann 48mm large
  • Eltosch 300x62mm
  • Eltosch 273x70mm
  • Hönle/Grafix 211×60
  • Hönle/Grafix 211×31
  • Integration Technology
  • Uviterno Jumbo
  • GEW 400x31mm
  • Gallus RCS 330
  • GEW Nuva
  • Gallus R200 flat 248x20mm
  • VTI flat 220x20mm
  • VTI flat 228x28mm

Product Images