Label Flexo Plate Mounter

ELS Range

A range of traditional mounters with manual camera positioning. Ideal for start-ups, smaller converters, single/dual press operations, or as a first video mounter.

  • Simple to operate & maintain
  • Facilitates high mounting accuracy
  • Low investment cost
  • Multiple cylinder/sleeve types on the same mounter
  • Available in cylinder or sleeve versions
  • Web widths up to 1000mm (39”)
  • Repeat from 155mm (6”) up to 815mm (32”)

FTS Range

The award-winning FTS range has become the model of choice for global label converters. Heaford’s patented game-changing design is arguably the fastest mounter on the market. The ideal choice for label converters who want a rapid repeatable process.

  • Fastest mounter on the market
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • High mounting accuracy
  • Minimal training required
  • Fast ROI
  • Design protects print area
  • Accommodates multiple presses on the same mounter
  • Available in cylinder or sleeve versions
  • Web widths up to 900mm (35.5”)
  • Repeat from 155mm (6”) to 875mm (34.5”)

LABEL – AUTOMATIC AutoMounter Range

Delivers accurate mounting first time every time, independent of operator skill level or competence. Fully automatic plate positioning and laydown. Eliminates press downtime caused by poorly mounted plates and generates fast ROI.

  • Perfect register every time
  • Reduced press waste
  • Improved productivity
  • Automatic image recognition
  • No need for special register marks or bearer marks
  • Available in cylinder or sleeve versions
  • Web widths up to 700mm (27.5”)
  • Repeat from 150mm (6”) up to 660mm (26”)

Heaford Flexible Packaging Mounters

Flexibles - Sleeve & Cylinder

A modular platform with multiple options that can be tailored to meet your current mounting needs. Built in future-proofing allows you to upgrade easily as your business grows. Our manual camera version is ideal for converters with a limited range of plate sizes, or entry-level budget.

  • Excellent reliability and low long term maintenance costs
  • Low investment cost
  • Wide range of options – modular
  • Build a specification from manual to semi-auto
  • Easy to use ergonomic design
  • Multiple sleeve types on the same mounter
  • Available in sleeve and cylinder versions
  • Web widths up to 1800mm (71”)
  • Repeat from 300mm (11.8”) to 1400mm (55”)


A range of semi-automatic mounters featuring a range of configurable options to suit both mid & wide web converters. Ideal for those requiring higher levels of efficiency than a manual mounter, but who don’t need or don’t want a fully automatic solution.

  • Automatic camera and mandrel rotation
  • Fast job recall and set-up
  • Ideal for multiple plate sizes and staggered plates
  • Ideal for multi-press operations
  • Simple intuitive interface
  • Extremely high camera positional accuracy
  • Fast ROI
  • Web widths up to 1800mm (71”)
  • Repeat from 300mm (11.8”) up to 1400mm (55”)

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