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Glue sealing machine AFK 250/350

Glue sealing machine AFK 250/350 is the most economical device for seaming poly bag and PVC printed shrink sleeve. Single operator can manipulate and load the parent roll. Easy to operate and maintain.AFK 250/350 equipped with glue feeding adj. magnet valve and flow quantity regulator to control the glue. Various options such as stroboscope, continuous perforation and rewind oscillation, etc. are available.


Mechanical speed 10 - 100 M/min
Material Width 60 - 520 mm
Unwind Dia. 450 mm (Max.)
Sleeve Width 25 - 250 mm (Min.)
Rewind Dia. 700 mm (Max.)

High Speed Cutting Machine

This machine is designed for cutting operations for shrink labels (shrink sleeves), paper and plastic sheets. Also for electronics, optical materials, plastic film roll and foil roll cutting operations.

  • Equipped with a German made photocell sensor for accurate detection and upgrading the production speed.
  • Unwind shaft is suited for five claw coreless and 3″ paper core.
  • Micro Computer Control System has Auto counting function, Auto stop function for photocell ineffective.
  • Optional continuous perforation device.


Sleeve Width 30 – 200 mm
Material Diameter 700 mm (max.)
Unwind Inner Diameter 76 / 3″ or 300 mm or five claw core less
Sleeve Cutting Length 10 – 400 mm
Mechanical Speed 30 – 350 pcs/min.
Feeding Speed 35 M/min. (Max.)

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